LAGOS BOYS by Olamide (the review)

The Rant
Ladies-snare and Gentlemen-snare… This is the review-snare of the video-snare. Lol.. Enough with the snaring. Here I’ll first point out that my first opinion of this video was… “Hmmm, not bad”. Well, Olamide ma real guy has really done this thing of over and over keeps the wheel moving. He seems not to be going anywhere anytime soon and he never stops learning from his previous mistakes, or so I’ve observed. And well UNLIMITED LA Lets analyse how you’ve wowed us…. Or not.
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The review
The intro can only be described with one word…. BADASS!  The combo of flipping ‘bird’s eye’ view and ‘worm’s eye’ view on the helicopter, both using fish-eye lens effect ( lol, what’s with all the animal eyes things? ) didn’t just do the trick, it friggin murdered it!  And this seemed to flow really well throughout the video as I deed look through thoroughly.The dolly movement also was quite smooth though I did notice that you stuck to over-head (most likely flying drones) and medium hand-held shots on the boat… Possibly due to lack of space. Either ways, I think it’s a smart option as it did work ok. Note worthy also is the dual layered introductory shot with the barbed wire stuff and the helicopter in focus and the song title write up…. I must confess, I like.
For the most part artificial lighting was obviously not needed so much except for the night scene where the two-point light served ok with the night time city-scape behind. Coupled with the touch of blue lights from the Royce’s headlamp creating an interesting alternate to the otherwise warm lights environment. Someone there obviously has good eyes for art.
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All three scene set-ups where obviously well thought out except for the part where they are somewhat all the same and maybe it’s part of the plot, but there isn’t any bit of connection between all three scenes besides the fact that the same people where in them. It felt like you guys just rented that part of the dock and were restricted strictly to it…. Felt a little clumsy. Though the costumer did a good job of adapting everyone to what you wanted it to look like for each of them. And yes the boat is sexy! All white party with Blinds and the red cup thingy always looks good, especially when you have a white boat to go with it.
Lip sync did go well with the lyrics. Everyone seems to be having so much fun, including my bro AdekunleGOLD who will not step out from behind someone and having to struggle to be caught by the camera. The feminine content of Olamide’s videos really need to be upgraded… Yes, one or two where like cute tho but well sorry I have to call in names here but he need to ask Wiz where he gets his chics from ( just my perverted opinion tho). Speaking of the ladies, obviously nobody told the lady in a red gown at the end of the video that she was coming for a wine shower as she seemed rather shocked at Olamide’s idea of a wine bath to conclude his video (of which, What’s with our Oga and spilling his drinks in all his videos?! …yet to figure that out sha).
The colors all came out sharp and crisp at pretty high contrast. And I did notice that effects where limited strictly to just camera motions, slow motion and slight revers playback.
With full observations, I must say that besides the wow effect of the helicopter, luxury boat and Rolls Royces… The video has a stereotypic feel to it. Especially because it’s just a rolling tape of people having fun with little message coming through, disconnected scenes and no storyline. I’ll rate this video at 8.5/10 while suggesting that the script writer ‘ups’ his game in his next project.
Ok, like you know very well, up to you guys now to share your thoughts and opinions about this video in review. Let’s get to hear your take on what I did or did not point out….
10 9 8 5
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